Stephen King once told me that to become a better writer, I should write every day. His expectations were way too high. I used to write on this blog a lot, but then I reproduced, and my little girl now takes up most of my time.

This blog first began when my wife and I lived in California for a few months and I wanted to document our travels. Since then, it has become a wall to which I can post all the crap that comes to mind.

I live in West Michigan, writing software and learning to be a dad. I grew up as a very conservative fundamentalist Baptist kid, a team which I stayed on until my mid-twenties. I’ve since freed myself from religion and now I’m fascinated by its weirdness. A lot of my posts are commentary on the whackiness of believers.

My wife is an amazing woman, a nurse who spends her nights saving and healing babies, a much more noble profession than writing websites that sell shoes.

We have a daughter that is better than yours, along with a dog that is better than the rest. Say hi!