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Resurrecting a Dead Blog

A few years ago I started an atheist-themed blog at (which now redirects here) where I ranted about various religious topics. I spent the majority of my life as a flag-waving Christian fundamentalist and gave up my religion somewhere in 2005 or so. In 2007, I started that blog because for me, writing helps clarify my thoughts and ideas and if there’s one thing the internet needs, it’s another bitchy atheist.

I ran that blog anonymously because I felt it gave me greater freedom to express my opinions without the risk of being outed by friends, family, or coworkers. I’m not so concerned about anonymity anymore, but it helped me in the early days. Since that blog was just laying there lonely and dying, I figured I’d put it out of its misery and bring the contents over here because this domain name is just freaking awesome.

The contents are now squished into this history of this blog, now going back to 2007, where you can read all about my travels as a newly deconverted wanderer.

There are a few favorites of mine, like the time I visited Resurrection Life Church, a local mega-money church, or my post about the hordes of Easter zombies briefly mentioned in the Bible after Jesus died. I’ve also got a bunch of pages detailing my PRK laser eye surgery, which seem to be popular among people considering the operation. Now that I’ve got that one here, hopefully I’ll be able to respond a little more timely to all those PRK questions.

It’s kind of fun for me to go back and read all the crap I wrote along the way. It’s a nice little trip down memory lane. Enjoy!

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