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Litter Critters

That’s it. I’m getting a separate gate so the dog can’t go in the cat’s room. I was calling Piper and she wasn’t coming, which is out of the ordinary. I found her in the cat’s room and it was immediately evident that she was unable to hear my request for her company because she was presently disposed, head deep in the cat’s litter box, happily chomping away at the delicate morsels found therein. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

When I yelled at her in horror, she immediately retracted, bumping her head on the side of the box as she made her exit. In her haste she dropped a half eaten nugget in the middle of the floor on her bolt towards the door. I scolded her and she gave me the pouty face telling she was aware not of the severity of the situation, but only that I was horrified and disturbed. There would be no puppy kisses tonight. Instead, she finished the remains of the delicacies still within her maw, chomping and smacking her lips in guilty delight.

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