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Banned Books Week 2011

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s Banned Books Week again and this year I’m trying to outdo myself. For previous years, I’ve stuck to the arguably easy and fun stuff; 1984 and the ironically banned Fahrenheit 451.

Last year’s was my favorite so far: The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie. I had no idea what it was about up front but was pleasantly surprised at the story. It’s a work of fiction where a lot of dizzying bouncing around takes place between time, place, dream states, and in between species and monsters, angels and demons. The allegories seemed more poignant to the religious and class struggle of Indians, especially those transplanted to the Western world. All the blasphemous subplots involving Mohammed’s source of his religion and the ensuing parodies by his local critics are vastly entertaining, and must have stung to the core of many Islamist fundamentalists, some of whom are still calling for his death.

This time, I’m going to up the stakes and go with something that makes me a little queasy. Something that will probably get me on some kind of Homeland Security watch list. Mein Kampf.

Yikes. It has the same sort of ring as the dreaded Necronomicon by the Mad Abdul Alhazred.

For all its infamy and loathing, I’m expecting it to be somewhat of a boring and dry read about some lunatic’s obsession with racial and societal “purity,” and his whacked out justifications for what was to come. It’s in the interest of free speech that I’m taking on this daunting task. I’ll be sure to blog my review of the book.


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