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You Don’t Say

One of the fun things about having a blog here on WordPress is that you get to see the various search terms people use to find you. I’m not out to win a vast amount of readership with this thing, but apparently people are stumbling across my words of wisdom. I’m currently number 8 on the list if you google the phrase

classy ads to market strip clubs on billboards

Impressive, no? I’m pretty sure it’s a word density thing, because it links to a completely unrelated blog post which briefly mentions the billboards I saw while driving through Chicago. I don’t know the first thing about what would make a classy ad for a strip club. But if I ever come up with something, I’ll be sure to post it here.

The internet works in mysterious ways, but I know Google likes big text, links, and clicks. I’m at number 8 for this phrase right now. With your help, I can make it to number 1.

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