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Real Productivity Involves Lots of Caffeine and Sugar

I’ve been working from my apartment for over a month now, and have been generally keeping an Eastern Time Zone schedule while working from the west coast. I did this since day one so I’m used to it, but there are mornings when I get up around 3:00 am so I can work at 3:30 to coordinate with some deployments back home, because that’s how dedicated I am. More so than you.

One of the benefits of working from home is having a stove. I’ve never been a fan of coffee but a few trips to Miami have spawned a liking for Cuban Espresso. If you’re not familiar, it’s just a shot of espresso with enough sugar to kill a small child. I brought a little percolator on our trip and it has turned out to be the best thing for my productivity. I always forget that all I probably need is a shot and end up filling the the whole thing with several shots worth. Enough to gain superhuman powers and Spider-man like reflexes.

Those early mornings are no longer spent staring blankly at the screen, but are now full of a jittery energy in which I code with the efficiency of ten programmers. I don’t know what kind of damage this stuff is doing to my internal organs, but it keeps me going for hours. It’s way cheaper than Starbucks with ten times the power. If you can deal with the hallucinations and feeling like your body is on the verge of spontaneous combustion, this is the stuff for you.

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