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We Made It!

Actually, we made it yesterday and I never got around to writing the world. I’ve always been a little behind on this social media thing.

Anyhoo, our apartment is turning out to be pretty sweet. It’s in an area of Santa Clara with a lot of things in walking distance, which is good because traffic can be a mess out here. The weather is great and everything’s green out here. Our furniture folks came and set everything up and we got the internet hooked up, so there’s no excuse for me not to work on Monday. Damn.

We drove up to the hospital where Jen starts working on Monday, half expecting it to be in a city center, but were pleasantly surprised to see that it’s nestled in the hills between golf courses and parks away from the city. It’s an 18 mile drive, but it’s mostly freeway, winding through the green hills. Her first week of training will most likely coincide with rush hour, but after that, I’m hoping the twelve hour shift will keep us out of rush hour. It shouldn’t be too bad. The hospital looks really nice.

We drove down to Santa Cruz this morning, walked the wharf, and watched a bunch of crazy people surfing in ice cold water. I’m going to need to buy a wetsuit. After dipping our heels in the ocean, we drove up Highway 1 and stopped at a cliff we found a few years ago, hiking down to the water. There was a group of people at the bottom writing “So-and-So, Will You Marry Me?” in the sand in flowers. They were helping their friend who was going to lead his possible fiance the the edge of the cliff and propose. I hope she says yes. That’s a steep cliff.

Oh, and that rattling in the Jeep hasn’t come back. I think I fixed it through sheer force of will.

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