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PRK – 8 Weeks Later

Eight weeks have passed since having my eyes peeled and zapped. I would say that the left eye is pretty damn close to the acuity I had with glasses/contacts. All ghosting and double vision has retreated from the left. It has slowly improved since three weeks ago from pretty good, to pretty damn good.

The right eye still exhibits a minor amount of ghosting and not being able to quite focus past that blurriness. It’s a little frustrating that it isn’t caught up to the left eye, and it seems to have lost its position as the dominant eye for the time being. I have a feeling that it will heal fully, but it’s just taking longer. I attribute this to the fact that it is drier on average than the left eye.

When I use both eyes together, I forget about the fact that the right eye isn’t quite caught up, even though they don’t quite focus together. I have no trouble reading books or computer screens anymore and go through most of the day not even thinking about my eyes. I am still using the preservative free drops several times throughout the day, but in a much smaller quantity than I did a few weeks ago. That’s a relief. Those things are expensive.

At nighttime, there is still a significant amount of halos and starbursts accompanying external lights. It actually feels like it has increased since three weeks ago, but I think that’s only because everything else has gotten so much better. I don’t think it has actually worsened.

They say on average, it takes a good three months to realize the full benefits from PRK. I’m nearly two thirds to that point. Here’s what I hope to achieve in the next month:

  • Zero ghosting in my right eye
  • A return to the normal focusing ability of the right eye
  • A return to the dominance of the right eye (not because it’s better, just because I’ll know it’s normal again)
  • A balanced focusing ability when using both eyes
  • Less dry-eye feeling
  • Reduced starbursts and halos at night

I am happy with the PRK surgery and recovery so far. I would recommend it to those who can’t do LASIK or don’t want the flap complications, but you have to appreciate the fact that the recovery will take a while.

I’ll update this blog again when I hit the three month mark, unless there’s a drastic change between now and then.

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  1. wisdomstalker
    February 13, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    Well, it’s close to the 3 month marker… hope things are going well with the eyes. Have you continued to improve? I’ll check back in a few days to see if you have posted an update. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and remembered that the 3 month anniversery was approaching. Here’s to continued and perfect healing!

  2. TJ
    August 1, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    I am at my 6 week point and about the same as you are now, at my one month follow up, L :20/20 R :20/30, that was 2 weeks ago, I feel the left eye now is better (20/15ish), although slight ghosting remains. The right eye is about as you described it, far worse than the left. I am glad I have your blog to read as it give realization that I am experiencing the same healing as others!

  3. julie
    October 30, 2009 at 3:34 am

    Thank you for your blog. I am only 2 weeks out and was so scared that the surgery didn’t work that I haven’t been sleeping. It’s 3am and I was looking to see if anyone was experiencing the same “ghosting/focusing” issues that I was and you put it into words perfectly. I think I’ll be able to back to sleep now.

  4. DW
    May 9, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Thanks also, I have my 1 month check next week and have been through an almost identical experience. I thought it was just me having problems and it was becoming a big concern that something had gone wrong.

    • Amina
      August 7, 2012 at 1:50 pm

      I am almost at the 3 week point. I’m experiencing drying, and blurriness. It is good to read that others have the same issues!

  5. Amy
    October 17, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    Thanks also! I’m 2 weeks post surgery and have also developed ghosting. Thanks to the comments on this blog, I know this is normal and that I just have to be patient! Makes it hard to work 8 hours on a computer though. Vision was much clearer last week so I’m crossing fingers that once the swelling subsides I’ll get back to that point. Thanks again.

  6. Cindy
    March 7, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    I had my PRK monovision surgery almost 6 weeks ago, I read pretty well except I still can’t do computer work without cheaters. Then my eyes get use to the cheaters and when I take them off I can’t read anthing on paper, it takes me a while to get my focus back. The halos and starbursts are still really bad in the dark. The Dr said I may have to get night vision glasses. Is anyone else experiencing any of the same things I am. It does not seem to be changing anymore and I just don’t think I will ever be able to work on the computer without glasses. Getting frustrated……….

    • tom
      March 16, 2012 at 3:16 pm

      I’m about 7 weeks post-operation and my eyes are still very blurry. My 1 month check up was 20/80 and computer work is extremely blurry (I have everything at about 200%). I am also getting frustrated and looking for hope that it may still improve but it doesn’t really seem to be improving for the past 2-3 weeks!

      • Cindy
        May 7, 2012 at 8:57 pm

        I just had my 3 month check up following PRK surgery. everything looks good. In just the past week my close up vision has improved so much, I’m not even wearing cheaters for the computer. I do need night vision glasses because the mono vision causes halos. I am doing the Restasis eye drops 2 times a day. My eye is still a little swollen. But, I can finally say I really am happy with the results, for a while there I really thought I made a huge mistake having the surgery. I’m positive it will just keep getting better everyday.

      • Brian
        June 9, 2012 at 7:27 pm

        Tom, any updates?

  7. Reno
    December 25, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    I’m now coming to the end of my 5th day after PRK surgery. I read your whole blog about your experience. I kinda smiled at some parts because I try to explain things going on with my eyes to her, but I don’t think she realizes how bad my vision is at times and I feel like she doesn’t get it. So I smile because I see you were experiencing the exact same things I’ve been going through these past 5 days. I even chuckled about enlarging your text big enough so you could see it. I’ve been having to do the same.

    On rare occasions that will last only a few seconds at most, my vision will become unbelievably clear. I can see details of things from across the rooms that I don’t even think I was ever able to see with contacts. When that happens I don’t want to blink because I know it will go back to blurry again with the ghost images. So I try to hold my eyes open as long as I can and just try to gather in the incredible sites and detail I’ve not been able to see in easily 28 years or so.

    Although my vision is mostly blurred, ghosted, it’s a different type than I had before it seems. If I look at something with more effort, I can at times tell it’s actually more clearer than before. Like for example, just a couple minutes ago I glanced past my laptop as I sit here in my bed typing this to look at our alarm clock that sits across the room. Without contacts, I would never be able to make out any numbers on it even with squinting. Without squinting and just a glance, I was able to tell the time was 11:06pm. It was a blurry ghosted 11:06 but none the less, I seen it easily without squinting and trying to figure it out. So my vision has already definitely improved. I do get annoyed at times because of how bad it looks for the most part during most of the day and night and the effort it takes to try to actually see things you need to clearly. I’m confident that will slowly get better in due time though.

    I had my bandage contacts taken out on my 4th day after surgery. After that, my doctor gave me a vision test and I read a 20/25 in my left eye, and a 20/40 in my right eye. Huge improvement to what it used to be. I couldn’t even read the biggest number on the chart in most cases. Some letters I could make out, and some I couldn’t. It all just depended on which letter they happened to have on the chart at that time.

    The pain was the worst for me on day 3. It was actually pretty bad. I doubled up on the Vicodin the Docs gave me. Although, I feel like they did nothing for me as far as my pain. I tried to sleep most of day 3 away because I was in a shit load of it. My vision also was probably the worst that day. I couldn’t even really see walking through my house knowing where everything is. I had to do a lot of feeling around just to make my way to the bathroom or kitchen.

    I too have noticed, my vision will get much clearer right after I put my rewetting drops in for about 30 seconds, and over another 30 seconds gradually get blurrier again. If I had to do this all over again, I most certainly would. Even though my vision is nowhere near perfect yet and I’m closing in on day 6, I’m happy I did it thus far. I’m trying not to write a novel here so I’ma wrap this up. Merry Christmas everyone! No pun intended. ><

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