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PRK Day 3 – Nighttime

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I’ve reached the end of the third day after my PRK surgery and am feeling hopeful about things to come. They warned me that days 2 and 3 would be the worst. Day 2 was horrid, but today started better and things noticeably improved throughout the day.

Instead of the constant burning of day 2, today’s annoyance was intermittent periods of feeling like I had something in my eye. I kept asking my girlfriend to look for something, but she couldn’t see anything and my eyes weren’t red or bothered. I called the doc’s office and they said it was normal to have the feeling of a foreign body and that it would pass. It came and went, usually limited to the left eye. Strange, as most of the pain from yesterday was focussed on my right eye.

Much to my relief, my vision has sharpened ever so slightly. The right eye is now noticeably sharper in vision than the left. I can actually see the words I’m typing, albeit in an enormous font. Baby steps. I took several walks today, and the cold, brisk air relieved some of the discomfort.

There were passing moments when it seemed my vision would clear up and I could almost read some print on the bottle of eye drops, only to have it disappear as I attempted to focus. Small setbacks that will be overcome in the next week. I’m happy with the progress so far. It isn’t instantaneous, and opting for PRK is not for the faint of heart. The gradual improvements are like little milestones and make me feel excited for what’s to come. At times it’s almost like a slow wave, from blurriness to a sudden short moment of clarity, back to blurriness. I think I’ve made it through the majority of the pain, although I’m sure the discomfort and foreign body sensations will probably linger at least until I get the bandage contacts out – and that is still four days away. Still, I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.

As a side note, I was just outside walking in the dark. Most things are still very blurry, with minor moments of semi=clarity. However, every light seemed to have its own gargantuan atmosphere, or halo, reminiscent of comet Holmes. This too is expected to pass, but its duration varies in patients.

I’ll end with a funny little story – The first day after the PRK surgery, you go back to the doctor and they do a quick checkup which includes trying to read the standard eye charts across the room. He tossed up the chart which should be easy to read by anyone, though all the letters looked like they had been smeared with ink. He asked which line I could read and I said I could read the third line perfectly, but when I tried, I failed at every letter. I didn’t know I failed, and said I couldn’t really make out the fourth line, but tried and somehow managed to get all the letters correct. Go figure. He laughed but I didn’t find out about it until my girlfriend told me today.

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  1. Bob Vezeau
    April 4, 2011 at 9:01 am

    Thanks for the blog! I had PRK (right eye only – going for the mono-vision solution to avoiding reading glasses…) on Friday of last week. Today is Monday, day 3. After a relatively pain-free, if blurry Saturday, yesterday was quite a bit worse, both in terms of pain and visual clarity. Up until last night, my eye seemed dry with that bad contact lense feeling you described. ALthough they prescribed a narcotic pain med, and gave me “numbing” drops, I have yet to use either: just trying to “gut it out”. Last night the pain was pretty bad, so I took a melatonin to help me sleep. When I awoke during the night my eye was dripping. I could only imagine that I’d awaken in the morning to find it crusted closed with dried fluid. However it seems to have only been tears. So far, today seeems much like yesterday.

    With just one eye done, I was able to drive on Day 2 and even came into work this morning. Reading your blog, I’ve tried to imagine having both eyes done simulataneously. That would be really rough. I’ve read the recommendation to only correct one eye at a time, allowing the first to heal before taking on the second. This might allow someone to be functional throughout the whole period. But, I wonder how many of those who opt for that route, actually go through with the second eye after suffering through the recovery of the first.

    You blog gave me comfort that my Day tow deterioration was in fact normal. We march onward!

  2. Sanja
    July 17, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    I would also like to know how many people decided to make a PRK on the other eye after having experienced the long and complicated recovery after their single-eye-PRK?

  3. Judith B. Hyatt
    July 22, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    Recap: this is Day 3 of my 13 seconds of PRK laser on left eye for 2.5 astigmatism after cataract surgery.
    Day 2 went much better than I expected. (see rcap under Day 1). Day 3 I woke up experiencing quite a bit of discomfort and scratchy feeling. Took 2 extra- strength Tylenol and went back to bed for 30 minutes. Still had discomfort when I got up and noticed light sensitivity was worse than the previous afternoon. Positive part-vision was clearer- I could see the large hour marks on my watch and overall vision seemed clearer. As day progressed the pain and light sensitivity decreased and my vision became clearer. By early afternoon I could see all the 1/4 hour marks and words on my watch except the tiny letters on the little dials. I went for a 1 mile walk in the field behind our house with my hubby and dogs. Pain diminished as the day wore on. I exercised for 1 hour on my recumbent bike. This is the first day I’ve done anything but veg out and sleep. It’s almost 10 PM and my eye seems tired but I’ve had what I consider a very good Day 3.

    Looking forward to an even better day tomorrow!

  4. Leyla
    August 5, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    My first post op day was hell,i cant sleep,i cant lay down on my back,i cant tolerate any mild light.Am on frequent lubricant drops,or i put predforte and antibiotics drops every 6h.Best help happened after pain killer which works only 4h((.My vision on first days was ok,but then it stars to droop.I became a very scary and panic.Second day visited my dr,who show me my cornea on screen.My first impression,O MY GOD that is my eyes,that is my cornea?I saw many patient with severe corneal abrasions,that was my cornea on the screen((

  5. Cole
    June 2, 2013 at 11:32 am

    I had Lasik done in 2009 and my left eye, unfortunately, regressed back to its poor state of vision (right eye is great though!). I’m on day 3 after having PRK performed on my left eye. I am a bit worried because my vision is absolutely horrible – haze, ghosting, and blurriness – but this blog has brought me quite a bit of comfort. I strongly recommend only getting one eye done at a time; I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for those of you who had PRK for both eyes at the same time (stay strong!). I have been taking my drops, eating right, and trying to keep the left eye closed often (although I have been outside a few times with shades). I know everyone heals differently, but should I be worried that my vision is this poor? What are the chances that this haze is permanent? There doesn’t seem to be any improvement at all yet, not even a glimpse yet. From what I have read, it seems that quite a few people have seen a brief moment of improvement by this time, but I’m still holding out hope (perhaps I’m getting worried a bit prematurely). Thank you for posting your blog!

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