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Sleeping with Open Eyes

September 30, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Damn. I don’t know what causes it, but sometimes, every few months or so, I’ll wake up and realize that I had slept with one or both eyes partially open for a while. It freaking kills. The eyelid somehow just decides to slide back a little bit and leaves an arc on the eye exposed, resulting in an extremely dry portion on the surface of the eye and cornea.

It’s extremely painful to move my eye afterwards or to blink, as the eyeball rubs across the lid. When it’s bad like this morning, it also makes things very light-sensitive. Today’s dryness even affected my vision, as that eye had a bit of blurriness I noticed while getting my ass kicked on Halo 3.

I’ve used bandaids in the past to ensure that the lids close fully all night long – usually only the day after I wake up having such a dry eye, because if it happens a second night in a row, it’s excruciating. My girlfriend thinks I’m a freak for having to do this. What can I say? I mean, what kind of freak sleeps with their eyes open?

I’ve done a little searching on the web and that seems to be the prevailing opinion – that of sideshow freak. Ha! Oh well, if the shoe fits. But in the meantime, it hurts like hell when this happens, and the only other option I’ve come across on the web is electrical tape or some kind of nighttime mask circa 1800. Whatever the solution, I’m about ready to try anything.

It freaks me out because I’m gonna be getting laser surgery soon on my eyes. I’ll be getting PRK, not LASIK, so it’ll take a lot longer to heal. I may have to stock up on the electrical tape before then.

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  2. Christina
    December 26, 2007 at 4:39 am

    Oh hey, what did you find out about the sleeping with your eyes open thing? Is it genetic? Do you know why it happens? It happens to me too, ALWAYS. My friends just get creeped out. Lol. And apparently there’s some myth that if you do that naturally, it means you’re going to die earlier. =P But I don’t believe that..please tell me anything you find out about it? Thanks.

  3. nogodsallowed
    December 26, 2007 at 9:28 am

    Christina, I asked my eye doctor and he said that yes, I will definitely die an early death because of this.

    Actually, he said that this isn’t uncommon, but that it can lead to corneal erosion eventually. If it gets to the point where it interferes with your vision, they can fix it with a similar procedure to the PRK laser surgery I write about in my blog which is painful and heals kinda slowly. Otherwise, if you don’t experience a degradation in vision, it apparently isn’t harmful. Just a pain in the ass. and eye.

    I’ve found that a heavy eye drop works extremely well if you wake up and your eye hurts because of being open. I use Refresh Celluvisc, and after a few minutes of closing my eyes with that in it, it cuts back on the pain 95% and you don’t notice it the rest of the day. Give those a shot, or ask your eye doctor (that’s how I got those). They are nonprescription and don’t contain preservatives so they’re in little single serving containers.

    During the recovery from laser eye surgery, the doc said it would be fine to tape my eyes shut. For that I’ve used generic first aid tape that comes in a dispenser like scotch tape. He said this open-eye thing is not so much a problem when you get PRK, but if you go with LASIK, it could cause significant problems because of the flap getting too dry.

    Good luck Christina!

  4. Simon
    August 22, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Hey! My girlfriend also sleeps with half-open eyes. It never caused her any pain, until she had PRK 15 months ago.

    She teared her epithelium the morning after they first removed the lenses, about 3 days after the operation. It was very painful, and scary as she couldnt see clearly in her left eye anymore. That was the second time she was told she was “unusual”, the first time being when she reacted (painfully) to the lenses they gave her after the operation.

    It has been 15 months already, and she still goes through 2-3 Refresh Celluvisc vials every night. If she doesnt, she wakes up in pain. They tell her that everything is normal and that she has always had dry eyes. No she didnt, it came from the PRK operation

    I see that your last update is from “3 months after operation”, how did you dry eyes do?


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